Admissions Office

selection Committee

The admission Committee is a structural division of the University. The main purpose of the admissions Committee is to organize an admission campaign: receiving documents from people entering the University and ensuring enrollment in an educational institution

The main work of the admissions Committee is to develop admission rules for the current academic year.

The admission Committee periodically organizes the reception of citizens, responds to oral and electronic requests of future applicants. Prepares for printing brochures, booklets and reference books related to admission; prepares stands of the admissions Committee. Conducts career guidance lessons, organizes training courses.


The responsible Secretary of selection Committee – Abalaev Duman Maksimovich

Address: Almaty, MD.Zhetysu-1, d. 32A

International University of Transportation and Humanities, building 1, KAB.110A

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 8.00-17.00


Contact phone numbers: 8(727) 3814334; 376-74-78 (vnut.Five hundred fifty five);

mob. 8-705-100-09-66


Functions of the admissions Committee

- forms the composition of subject commissions and technical staff of the admissions Committee;

-is the schedule of the admission examinations (tests) and consultation;

- accepts documents from applicants;

- solves questions about admission of applicants to the entrance tests and determines the conditions of their participation in the competition;

- conducts entrance exams (tests);

- performs encryption and decryption of written examination papers of applicants;

- generates lists for enrollment in the 1st year;

- draws up contracts for paid training.

During the reception of documents, the higher education institution, represented by a representative of the admission Committee, must acquaint the applicant with a license to conduct educational activities, as well as with a certificate of state accreditation for each area of training (specialty), which gives the right to issue a state-issued document on higher professional education.


DOCUMENTS required to participate in complex testing:

- application on a special form;

- a certificate or diploma with an attachment (original);

- two 3x4 photographs

- 2 pcs; - a copy of the identity document;

- medical certificate form

- 075 with a fluorographic image, form

- 063 (information about vaccinations);

- a copy of the certificate (for guys).

- receipt of payment for passing complex testing (Halyk Bank or Kazpost);



List of employees of the training Department


Full Name

Job descriptions of employees


 Zhobalaev Dumat Maksimovich

Executive Secretary of the selection Committee


Zhasulanova Narizat Saiatkyzy 

Leading specialist



















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Contact information

Academic buildings № 1

Теl.: 376-74-78 (ext. 515); Fax: 376-74-81
Аddress: Zhetysu-1 mcr., B.32а,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063

Academic buildings №4

Теl.: 299-49-69
Address: Mamyr mcr., Shalyiapin str., B.21/1,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063,
You can take buses: №67, 112, 85, 92, 4

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