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Amangeldy Dzhumagalievich Omarov born April 30, 1941 in Lake Balkhash Karagandins Coy region in a family nickname rail. Father Omarov Zhumagali Omarovich (1902 - 1975) was honored builder of the Kazakh SSR, also Honorary railway worker, Knight of the Orders of Lenin and Peoples' Friendship Dov, was the builder Turksib, head of the Turkestan-Siberian railway, the chief engineer of the Kazakh railway from 1969 to 1975 . Director of the Almaty financial  Tashkent Institute of Engineers of rail transport goad.

Omarov A.D. studied at the railway stations at those schools and cities where the elk come on business to live po wers. After graduating from high school № 2. Abay in city.Bal hashe, in 1960, he was in office Paet Novosibirsk Institute of Railway Institute zhenerov transportation is the specialty at "The construction of roads for useful, the path and track owners stvo" as the first technical knowledge luchil his father, the builder of the Turkestan-Siberian railway.

In 1966, after graduating from college with the degree of a railway engineer, builder, Amangeldy Omarov worked as a foreman, foreman Arys distance path to the Kazakh iron horns. Then, during the five years he worked at the Karaganda-distance path: the road foreman, senior road suit rum. In September of 1968, full of promise and good professional organizer Amangeldy Omarov appointed chief engi Nurom the same distance.

In July 1971, A. Omarova appointed head of the Balkhash-distance paths and in 1972 it led to the transfer position of the head of the Karaganda-distance path, where for five years, he provided the content of the permanent way at a major coal-loading and at the same time shem transit node, which consists of ten critical stations, including Karaganda-sorting.

As Chief of the distance A. Omar was a good organizer and principal coordinating the activities of the Executive Board of the work. His tenacity and strength, and ability to rally the team to withstand the elements and it was an example and leading the other gih. His engineering thinking, initiative and creative approach to work in this task were estimated leadership of the newly formed virgin railway. In July 1977, Aman Geldy Dzhumagalievicha appointed first chief of the path, then deputy head of the Karaganda branch on the way and the construction, chief engineer of the Karaganda branch. It was time to build the second track on the direction of Zharyk-Mo Inta, electrification of Karaganda - Zharyk-Mointy. A. Omarov skillfully addresses issues with the design and construction organizations, contributes greatly to the development branch of the road. At the same time it will arrange for distance road travel machine stations to ensure the maintenance and repair of their way to one of the most charged voltage of the main sections of Anar-Karaganda-Mointy.

Also great deal of organizational work carried out Amangeldy Dzhumaga lievich lobster on the Alma-Ata highway, where he was transferred in 1983, deputy chief of the road. Office of the roads have been prepared and implemented an extensive program of radical modernization of the highway. Were recon struirovany and extended almost all the locomotive depot, a large development has been track facilities at all major sites and stations with the modernization of signaling devices. Tion direction electrified Mointy - Chu and began work on the part of the station Chengeldy. One of the organizers of these activities on the ground was also deputy head of the road A. Omarov. It was he who made the decisions on many issues, development of means, based not on finished projects, and based on their engineering knowledge and experience.

Given the existing experience of foreign countries in laying the track, and A. Omarov been working on modifications of the construction of the upper structure of the rails, leading the laying of rails on heavy-duty concrete sleepers, the expansion of polygons in the way of welded and reconstruction of permanent structures. He is one of the organizers of the project counseling and rehabilitation through re Railway move Aktogai - Friendship-Alashankou. That AD Omarov, during 1988-1990 period, while at the site continuously for Aktogai - Friendship and the boundary at the station, attracting people from all over the road, carried out the reconstruction of the infrastructure managers, destroyed buildings and construc Nij. Thousands of people worked on the site. AD Omarov studied distributions of all stations, facilities, provision of materials and equipment, to pay in United satisfied work, the creation of the conditions of accommodation and meals. Along with other transportation construction projects in this ma gistral entered the annals of labor achievements of Kazakhstan as a dream come true people of Kazakhstan and China. Highway was commissioned in the most difficult technical and economic conditions, and in record time.

In 1991 AD Omar was appointed head of the Almaty road. In July 1991, opens Xia freight traffic, and in June 1992 - passenger traffic on Almaty - Urumqi between Kazakhstan and China. With the participation of AD Omarova opened new routes serving the development of con teynernyh traffic in the direction of the Kazakhstan - China - Japan - South Korea Nye - Malaysia-Singapore, which contributed to the creation of new international transport corridors and the formation of regional economic cooperation Nogo on the Asian continent.

During operation, the head of A. Omarova road most of the Alma-Ata line was transferred to the electric traction, electric fied key areas: Shu - Aris, Shu - Otar - Alma-Ata. January 4, 1995 ceremony open ment last electrified section Meadow - Shu, to which came ruyu government commission headed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev of the public. Start of this section has completed many years of work to create a continuous line of electro Transkazahstan Presnogorkovskaya in the north to the Sary-agach in the south. Singular merit bai A. Omarova that he managed to arrange the continuation of work on the electrification in the 90s in the absence of a centralized vannogo funding gap of economic relations. Many of the details and whether the structures were constructed on the road, the main work themselves satisfied Neely railroad.

A.D. Omarov did a lot for the organization of the Alma-Ata, and other roads in Kazakhstan, in the initial period of devel opment of the sovereign and the transition to market conditions. Together with the Ministry of Trans port and Communications has been retained system of material and technical supply one, created "Temir", ensured the settlements between the roads, the system of international freight forwarding, was not allowed unchecked growth rates and, thus, by keeping industry and agriculture in Kazakhstan .

Solving the problem of high production, the head of the Almaty railway pays attention and social services. During this period, were built hundreds of thousands of square feet of floor Area Director, a number of schools, kindergartens and nurseries. Water supply network was built to supply drinking water a huge plot Agadyr - Zharyk - Ball hash - Sayak - Aktogai, as well as the station Chengeldy.

As railway nickname with a large practice and scientist A. Omarov summarizes studies of domestic and foreign scientists, but is considering new approaches to device and design of rail track, automatic standardization and technology track works, theoretically justifies the questions of durability rail Rel owls, their reliability work predicting disorders rail track at turnouts, optimization techniques of parameters welded track.

Issues of development of railway networks and their infrastructure, increase the speed of motion zheniya trains, improving the quality of transport services to ensure safety of goods, improve the social conditions of transport nicknames, as well as many others described in scientific papers  A. Omarova, such as the "Railway Electrification roads in Kazakhstan "(1995)," Design of railways in the empty tynyah with moving sands "(1999)," Earth bed also for useful roads in Kazakhstan "(2000), etc. He has published over two hundred scientific papers, twenty books, received six patents.

With the formation in 1997, the Republican state before the acceptance of "Қazahstan Railways" (RSE "KTZh"), A. Omar was appointed the first batch Titel Director-General. Then, in July 1997 he was appointed Rector of the Kazakh Academy of rum Transport and Communications (KazATK), established on the basis of the Alma-Ata Institute of Railway Engineers and the Almaty Automobile and Road Institute mulberries. He became the first president KazATK.

 A.D. Omarov in 1989, defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, and in 1999 A.D. Omarov - a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

In 2000 A. Omarov approved by the chairman President of the dissertation council on thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science in two specialties: "goad rail road surveys and road design" and "Design and construction of roads, airfields, bridges and tunnels.

Under the leadership AD Omarova developed state stan dards of education in all specialties of transport, the model about the program and curriculum. He is the initiator of the journal "Bulletin of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication" (2000) and "industrial transport of Kazakhstan" (2004).

Engineering, scientific, educational and social activities AD Omarova appreciated. For significant contribution to the development Thiés transport and communication complex, expanding of the International Relations of rail at him the title of Honored worker svoeno Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan camp, marked by the medal "For valiant decent work", "Honorary railway", he was elected a member of the International National Academy of information, is an academician of International Academy of Transport, and was awarded "Honorary worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan."

            A.D. Omarov in 2000, organized by the Kazakh University of messages of which he himself headed since 2003. The University trains specialists in technical and economic direction for the transport and communications industries and other sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan in 11 specialties college, 16, bachelor, master's and nine majors 4 specialties of doctoral PhD.

He - a good family man, a loving father and grandfather. Aman's wife Geldy Dzhumagalievicha Karim Abilkasovna - accountant by profession and eco Misty. Botagoz daughter and Gulmira candidate of economic sciences, doctor of philosophy PhD.

Amangeldy Dzhumagalievich Omarov, engineer and scientist, organization  science and expert who has both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of railway affairs, famous  not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad.


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